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Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester DigiRock HR1
ID: P01157
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Yêu cầu báo giá sản phẩm
●DigiRock HR1 analogue gauge resolution is 0.5HR, it is useful to improve the reading accuracy than traditional 1HR resolution;
●DigiRock HR1 force knob adopts the metal material to replace the plastic, it largely improves the instrument using-life;
●DigiRock HR1 loading, dwell and unloading is buffering by oil pump,it eliminates the operator' s tiredness;
●DigiRock HR1 intenter protector is available to improve the using lifetime of indenter.
◆ Rockwell B Scale HRB: Copper alloys, soft steels, aluminum alloys, malleable iron, etc.
◆ Rockwell C Scale HRC: Steel, hard cast irons, pearlitic malleable iron, titanium, deep case hardened steel, and other      materials harder than B100.
◆ Rockwell A Scale HRA: Cemented carbides, thin steel, and shallow case-hardened steel.

Commodity Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester
Model DigiRock HR1
Code# 811-110
Rockwell Scales HL,HRC ,HRB, HRA, HV,HB,HS
Preliminary Test Force 10Kgf(98.07N)
Test Force 60Kgf(558.4N),100Kgf(980.7N),150Kgf(1471N)
Dwell Time Adjustable 1-60s
Hardness Indication Analogue Display
Resolution 0.5HR
Loading Control Manual
Max. Height Of Specimen 175mm
Instrument Throat 165mm
Dimension(LxWxH) 546x182x755mm
Packing Dimension 620x460x870mm
Gross/Net Weight 110Kg/90Kg
Execution Standard ISO 6508,ASTM E18,JIS Z2245,GB/T230
Standard Delivery
Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
Instrument 811-110 Ø1.588mm Ball Intender 811-411
Hardness Block(20-33)HRC 811-611C Power Cord 811-801
Hardness Block(57-70)HRC 811-641C Cone Diamond Intender 811-401
Hardness Block(85-100)HRB 811-641B Weight A 811-711
Ø150mm Flat Anvil 811-541 Weight B 811-721 
Ø60mm Flat Anvil 811-521 Weight C 811-731
Ø40mm V-shape Anvil 811-511 Dust Cover 811-911
Toolbox 811-901 Bubble Level Meter 811-931
Warranty Card / Qualified Certificate DigiRock HR1 Operation Manual / Packing List DigiRock HR1
Optional Accessories
Commodity Code # Commodity Code # Commodity Code #
1/8” Ball Intender 811-431 1/4” Ball Intender 811-451 1/2” Ball Intender 811-471
Ø1/8” Steel Ball 811-441 Ø 1/4” Steel Ball 811-461 Ø 1/2” Steel Ball 811-481
Small Flat Anvil 811-501 Intender Protector 811-491 / /

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