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Radius Gauge
ID: P0173
Sản xuất tại Trung Quốc
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MITUTOYO Radius Gages are recommended for checking or laying out concave or convex radii. An individual gage for each dimension makes it possible to verify radius or fillet dimensions easier, faster and more accurately in machining, layout, inspection and pattern-making work. The measuring surfaces are precisely finished with smooth, accurate edges. The Radius Gages are available separately or in six handy sets. Each Radius Gage has five measuring locations, and it is identified with its particular radius dimensions. The gages have a satin or dull-chrome finish. The Holding Cases, provided to protect the sets of Radius Gages, have indexed pockets to facilitate the selection of the proper size gage. A 4" long holder is furnished with Set No. 186-901 to make it possible to check radii in confined or hard-to-reach locations.
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